Get Rid of ALL languages other than English.

I am not an English native and English is not my mother tongue, but still I support English fully because,

  1. It is impossible to translate all scientific advancements in all the languages. You will always be forever behind in science and technology if you stick to other languages.
  2. It is the defacto language of the internet. If you want the widest audience for your website you must have an English site in addition to whatever other language site you have.
  3. The world needs more and better communication in order to promote understanding and peace. Insisting on your mother tongue will lessen the chance of understanding others and this in turn will hinder world peace.
  4. Your patriotism to your current mother tongue is an accident of history. It was not the mother tongue of your ancestors. Sanskrit is the mother of all languages, is Sanskrit known or understood widely anymore? Though the people who spoke them five thousand years ago would have shown patriotism to Sanskrit where is Sanskrit now? Similarly, though you show patriotism to your current mother tongue, your great great descendants would not even know your language and their dialects would have become completely different from what you are speaking today and to understand movies that are taken today they would have to use translators into their then dialects. So what's the use of lingual patriotism when your current mother tongue is going to die a natural death anyway (at least as you speak it today) no matter what you do today?

Usually I am all for diversity but not when it comes to interfaces. The lesser interfaces there are, the better, the communication will be. And human language is an interface.

Advantages of English

  1. It is the easiest language to type. Because it has only 26 characters only (the lowest in the world), it is trivially easy to learn English typing. I tried learning Tamil typing but gave it up because it is way too complicated. Now I type Tamil using an English phonetic editor. Go figure that one out. I studied 64 human languages to create the phonetic editor, not deeply but enough to learn the characters and some words. (I have also studied four hundred computer languages).
  2. It is one of the easiest languages to learn, compared to say Chinese.
  3. Unlike most other languages it does not differentiate between respectful you (vous in french) and equal you (tu in french), thus it is egalitarian.

Disadvantages of English

  1. It is the worst spoken language in the world. There are as many ways of speaking English as there are people as English is not phonetically correct language. (Sanskrit is the most phonetically correct).

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