Advantages/Reasons: Why become a vegetarian or Vegan? Stop Eating Meat.


I am a pure vegetarian not because killing animals is bad or because I am an animal lover. In fact I dislike animals, I am a vegetarian because

The fraud cooked up by the meat industry.

Often you will see flesh lovers bandy about "scientific" findings like: Vegetarians or vegans are weak and cant become big and strong, those who don't drink milk will become weak and have low IQ.

Elephants are 1000 times more stronger than you. Elephants are the biggest land animals and elephants are pure vegans. They drink no milk after the first year. This FACT brands the above "scientific" findings as a fraud cooked up by the meat industry for its bloodthirsty carrion eating customers.

As for low IQ, those who can't figure out that plant food is healthier can't talk about IQ can they? Besides here's a list of vegetarians to whom you can compare your IQ with: Plato, Socrates, Pythagoras, Sir Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison, Mark Twain, Albert Einstein, George Bernard Shaw.

How to become a vegetarian/vegan.

Since I have been a vegetarian ALL my life, I don't know how to become one. But I can tell you how I became vegan.

At first I gave up coffee, cold. One fine day I turned my back on it because it was affecting my sleep patterns and never looked at it again.

Next I turned my back on tea and turned to green tea (after some time I stopped drinking tea altogether)

After some months I turned my back on butter milk. Butter milk is decayed milk. You should not eat or drink anything that has decayed.

After some months I stopped drinking milk. When I stopped drinking milk, I automatically stopped intake of sugar, as sugar is not needed for any vegetable dish and sugar is made using animal charcoal (usually pig bones). Jaggery is a vegan alternative to sugar.

Why I gave up milk

Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet. ~Albert Einstein

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