Dont shake my hand. Keep your germs to yourself.

2 sep 2014

As I am writing this, the ebola epidemic is spreading across Africa. This virus spreads through actual physical contact. Shaking hands of strangers is actual physical contact that could contaminate you and may even kill you and help the spread of epidemics. It is time for the entire world to adopt the more hygienic form of greeting - the Indian greeting Namaste (Click here to see how it is done). Stop shaking hands. Keep germs contained.

The shaka sign can also be used as it can be done with one hand unlike namaste.

The salaam and salute greetings are also hygienic but are too sycophantic.

Squat Toilets

Another unhygienic practice that bugs me is that all over India, Indians are replacing squat toilets with sitting toilets. Squat toilets are hygienic and give healthy exercise. Sitting toilets spread all kinds of germs and are totally unhygenic even if they look sparkling white. Do you really want the herpes smeared on the seat by the previous user? (Hint you cannot see it with the naked eye) Public toilets and hotel toilets MUST be squat toilets as no part of your body will come into contact with the apparatus. And if you wear slippers even the sole of your foot will be protected.

# Wash your behind with water and soap instead of or in addition to using toilet paper.
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