Freedom for Blasphemy and Apostasy

If a dog barks at the sun will it affect the sun?
If anyone blasphemes at god will it affect god?

Freedom for blasphemy

All great truths begin as blasphemies.-- George Bernard Shaw
  • Allow anyone and everyone to blaspheme against god.
  • If a dog barks at the sun will it affect the sun?
  • If anyone blasphemes at god will it affect god?
  • Will god punish the blasphemer? Will the sun punish the dog for barking at him? Why should such an awesome power as god (sun) punish such a puny little thing as the dog (blasphemer)? Do you think that god is trivially vindictive? Would you care what some bacteria or microbe said about you? Isn't god much bigger than man, as a man is big compared to a microbe?
  • This doesn't mean that you have to start blaspheming or bad mouthing others.
  • Banning blasphemy gives power to the fanatics.
  • When blasphemy is banned the moderatists will lose, and the fanatics will win. The fanatics will narrow and narrow their world view as their power grows to such an extent that the slightest disagreement from the moderatists will result in the killing of the moderate who disagrees with them.
  • Moderates cut their own throats when they vote for anti-blasphemy laws.
  • Blasphemy will never threaten god. It will threaten the livelihood of the priests
  • Since every religion is blasphemous in the eyes of every other religion, people of different religions cannot live together without allowing freedom of blasphemy to each other.
  • Without freedom for blasphemy, freedom of religion is not possible.
  • Is blasphemy important? When Jesus blashphemed against the Jewish faith Christianity was formed. When Mohammed blasphemed against the Christian faith Islam was born. All these Great World religions were formed because their founders had the courage to blaspheme against the faith most prevailing at that time. So should blasphemy be encouraged? Judge for yourself.

    Abandon Religion

  • Abandon religion and embrace god.
  • Believe in god (if you want). But dont believe in religion.
  • Religion as we all know has contributed more to human bloodshed than all the other sources of conflict in the world put together.
  • From now on dont call yourself as belonging to any particular religion.
  • Continue to follow the culture to which you belong, discotinue only the religious practices. Discontinue all rituals. Rituals are like bureaucracy. You dont set out to get them. They just accumulate over a period of time. Periodically all rituals must be abandonned actively.
  • Do not segregate yourself from people who belong to other religions.
  • Do not discriminate others just because they have chosen to continue with their religions.
  • Allow freedom of religion at the same time you start boycotting all religions.

    Abolish Priesthood

  • From the dawn of time till now the priesthood of all religions have always comprised of people who do nothing and whose only work is to stir up more trouble in the name of god.
  • All these people have joined the priesthood to give themselves power over you.
  • All these priests want is to get a free lunch out of your hard work.
  • Dont think of these people as men of god, think of them as parasites.
  • Dont let anyone come between you and god. You dont need these interpretters or mediators to reach to god.
  • Dont use violence against the priests. Just ignore them.
  • Ignore all priests including but not limited to hindu (pujaris, sanyasis, acharyas etc), christian (fathers, bishops, popes etc), muslim (mullahs, ayatollahs, imams etc), budhist (monks etc), Jewish (Rabbis etc) and priests of other religions.

    Work is better than Worship

  • All forms of prayer try to get something for nothing. Work always gives you results but only after you have paid through work. Through work you always get something for something.
  • You will never get something for nothing.
  • You will also never get nothing for something. That is your work will never go unrewarded. God helps those who help themselves.

    Avoid Places of Worship

  • Abandon places of worship. From now on do not visit any temple, mosque, church, synagogue, monastery or whatever place of worship.
  • Visiting places of worship gives the priesthood power over you and gives them a full belly.
  • Abandon religion by Abandonning places of worship.
  • Dont use violence to destroy the places of worship. Just ignore them.
  • Dont send your children to religious schools as this will at best leave them useless to society, at worst turn them into fanatics.
  • Dont give anything to places of worship or to the priests. This will only increase their power. Hit the priests economically and they will soon be forced to find some other way of feeding themselves.

    Ignore holy books

  • From now dont read any holy books of any religion.
  • Just as work is better than worship, thinking is better than any guide.
  • Use your brains.
  • Dont substitute your brain with any holy book or any prophet.
  • Read all other books of whatever kind.
  • Knowledge is the path to god.
  • Even if all these holy books were from god, Will you boil your child in oil or roast him if disobeys you or disbelieves you or questions you. Will god boil you (his children) in hell if you disobey his books, disbelieve him or question him or his books?
  • Do you even threaten to boil your child if he disobeys you?
  • Do you want to believe in the childish threat of hell?

    Dont put off living

  • The promise of afterlife, reincarnation, souls, ghosts and the promise of heaven and the threat of hell, sin and salvation is the greatest fraud on mankind. Every religion uses some variation of these theories.
  • This fraud is possible because it is human tendency to wish for immortality and to deny that death is final. The priests exploit this wish and offer as substitute an immortal soul.
  • Accept the finality of death. When you die, its over. No part of you like an imaginary soul or ghost continues living. Nothing is immortal and can never be.
  • Dont put off living for the promise of heaven or the threat of hell. These are just gags thought up by the priests to give them power over you by tempting or scaring you into submission.
  • Dont put off living for the next life.
  • Knowledge that this is all the life you will ever have will double your enjoyment of this, your one and only very very short life.
  • You will see the folly of waiting to enjoy and will start enjoying every moment, every day.
  • Enjoy life today. At the same time dont forget to pray through work.

    Work through disaster pain and grief

  • When disaster or grief strikes you continue working through it.
  • Pray to god for mental strength if you want. But dont go to places of worship to pray. Pray right from your homes.
  • Know that a exactly similar disaster or grief has been faced by thousands of people in the past and will be faced by millions of people in the future.
  • Work will take your mind off the grief by keeping you objective.
  • Disaster and grief are natural. The world has always been on the edge of disaster.
  • Prayer is mostly selfish.
  • Have you ever prayed to god to reduce the suffering of people caught in a flood in china, an earthquake in the middle east, a tornado in the US, or a famine in africa? Never?
  • Prayer is always done to beg god to relieve YOUR pain, YOUR suffering, YOUR grief or the suffering of YOUR near and dear. If that is not selfish, what is?
  • Do you think that any god will listen to such selfish begging?
  • Pain, disaster, grief are all natural. Prayer is to beg a supernatural force to HELP YOU to remove YOUR problems using grace, blessing, miracle, magic or whatever, with LITTLE or NO effort on your part to DO something about your problems or to THINK a solution for your problems.
  • In other words through prayer you want to get something for nothing.
  • You will never get something for nothing.
  • One million people meditating or praying for one million years will not grow a single acre of wheat or make a single loaf of bread. So worship or meditating can not be called work.
  • I am not saying meditating or praying is unnecessary, only that it cannot substitute for work.
  • Praying may have some psychological therapeautical value but no physical value.
  • When meditating or praying cannot do something as simple as create a loaf of bread how can it solve your problems?

    Embrace Diversity

  • In the beginning there were few life forms. Now there are millions.
  • In the beginning there were few companies. Now there are millions.
  • In the beginning there were few products. Now there are millions.
  • In the beginning there were few people. Now there are billions.
  • In the beginning there was no religion. Now there are many.
  • In the beginning every religion was single. Now there are hundreds of schisms in every religion.
  • Diversity is natural. Things always multiply by dividing (pun).
  • Universal thought, Universal brotherhood, Universal religion is never possible, nor is it desirable.
  • And things divide when they multiply. The more you convert people to your religion, the chances of your religion breaking apart in schisms becomes more.
  • There is a critical mass after which anything will break under its own weight.
  • Only because of diversity some part of humanity is always under progress. When some idea or religion stagnates another idea or religion progresses. After some time it reverses. A single idea or religion will not progress for long.
  • Divided in ideology we become strong. United in ideology we will stagnate.
  • A finished idea, a finished religion, a finished product worships the past, becomes static, resistant to change, damns curiosity, hates other religions and destroys diversity.
  • Never become a finished product. The only way to avoid becoming a finished product is to allow plenty of ideas, religions and products of thought to flourish through diversity.
  • Eliminating religions totally in not the purpose of this essay. Nor is it achievable or desirable.
  • Nature covers all bets by diversity.
  • Treasure and go all out to protect minorities. They contribute the greatest work to any country.
  • If you belong to the majority, try to think of a schism that will turn you into a minority.
  • If everyone followed your religion, your thought, your mode of dress, your habits you will be useless to this world.
  • Only because others have different view points you are unique to this world and the world requires your uniqueness.
  • Will a world full of robots who think, act, dress exactly like you please you? Not at all. It would bore you soon.
  • It is the kalaedioscope and staggering diversity of this world that makes the world so interesting and livable.
  • Treasure the people who continue to follow religions or other thought patterns different from you. They keep alive a different viewpoint of life.
  • Dont despise "other people". Despise and fear of "other people" has caused most genocides.

    Thoughts for Muslims

    Suppose that today you accept what I say, but tomorrow you reject what you accept today, will you allow me to kill you? Just because someone has accepted Islam today, is he trapped for ever in Islam? Is Islam a trap? Or is it a free religion that one can accept or reject at will? Why do muslims hold a gun to each other's head with anti-blasphemy, anti-apostasy laws? Is not Allah all powerful? If he is all powerful does he not have the power to change his mind and send you more prophets? If you say Mohammed WILL ALWAYS be the last prophet are you not usurping the power of Allah to change His mind? Doesn't Allah have the power to declare his own koran as outdated junk and not applicable anymore? Doesn't Allah have the power to cancel the prophethood of Mohammed? If he does not then he is not ALL powerful, because he is missing some powers, is he? If Allah is all powerful, why should He need you to defend Him? Doesn't Allah have the power to defend Himself? If Allah is all powerful doesn't he have the power to kill apostates Himself? Why should Allah need puny man to kill or punish on his behalf?

    If a person named zullah came and said to you that an angel called gabriel appeared on his TV and said to him,

    "There is no god but ballah and zullah is his last prophet"

    you will ask him what is his proof, if for proof he showed you a book "zorak" that he had written himself which he said contained many scientific truths to prove its authenticity and quoted other holey books of dubious parentage that he said foretold him as a prophet, would you not laugh at him and call him a fraud?

    The only reason you are believing mohammed and not zullah is because you have been brought up to believe in him, is that not so?

    What proof other than the zorak (and questionable forecast quotations from other dubious holey books) does zullah have to prove that he is a prophet of ballah? What proof other than the koran does mohammed have to prove that he is a prophet of Allah?


    There are many people who want to argue with me on points made in this essay. I have presented these ideas for you to think on and not to argue with you or to make you beleive in these points, you can continue with your viewpoints. I won't try to change you with argument. Argument will only increase animosity, is that not so? Faith can never be changed by argument and debate. We can argue for years and still be as convinced as ever that we are right. Faith can only be changed by lots of reading and lots of thinking. This essay is for you to read and to think about. You are welcome to reject it.

    The most important point of this essay is, Do I have the right to kill you if you do not believe as I do?. Do you have the right to kill me if I do not believe as you do?. Should man be allowed to punish man in the name of god? The punishment for apostasy in Islam is death. All islamic countries condemn those who reject islam to death. Should apostasy be punished by man? Most christian majority countries including the united states have anti-blasphemy laws. Should these laws continue to exist? Will you allow me to dictate what you should believe or not believe? If not, why do you allow the state or government to dictate what you should believe or not believe?

    If you believe that everyone of us should choose his or her own viewpoints without dictating to each other what the other should believe, then you believe in freedom for blasphemy and freedom for apostasy. If you believe this then we are in full agreement and all my other opinions are irrelevant to you.


    This essay was written long ago when I was just leaving religion behind, but had not yet jetissioned the idea of god. So it contains a lot of references to god. If I were to write this page today it would be entirely different but since this page is targeted at those who are just leaving religion I will leave it as it is.

    Other thoughts

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