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People are cattle?

  • Jesus - The Sheep Herd
  • Mohammed - The Camel Herd
  • Krishna - The Cow Herd

    People are no better at thinking than cattle. Three Great World Religions have been led by cattle herders.

    God needs no help

    One of the ridiculous contradictions in religion is the notion that god needs your help to fight satan. If you are good you are helping god and if you are bad you are helping satan. Ask yourself, does an elephant require the help of an ant to fight another elephant? Is it not ridiculous to say that the sun requires the light of a candle to increase its shine? Does an ALL powerful god who has the power to create entire universes require your help and mine for whatever reason?

    Is god Male or Female?

  • If you say male, I will ask "are you male chauvinistic?". Almost all religions are xmale chauvinistic and refer to god as HIM never as HER.
  • If you say female, I will ask "are you female chauvinistic?".
  • If you say there is a male and a female god. I will ask "do they have any children?". That will bust monotheism wide open.
  • If you say god is unisexual or non-sexual. I will ask "do you worship some thing that is inhuman?" or "so man is not made in the image of god?".
  • If you say god is unisexual or non-sexual but man is a perverted image of god. I will ask "do you resent your sexuality?"
  • If you say god is unknowable, I will ask "if god is unknowable how can you say that there is only one god?".

    Religion breeds contempt for human life.

  • A person who follows religion thinks like this. I am aligned with the only one true god. So since I am aligned with the true god I can't do wrong. So the person who does not follow my religion is doing wrong, so if he dies the world is all the more better off and good riddance.
  • Religion teaches you contempt for your parents and relatives and children. If you and your family died suddenly and are standing before god for judgement, and if god's servants are dragging your mother or father or son or daughter away to hell, would you fight god or meekly allow god the tyrant to drag your near and dear to hell, just so long as you are sent to heaven? Would you question god's judgement and sanity or would you say to yourself my mother must have offended god in some way so she deserves to be punished? Is licking god's boots more important than standing by your mother and father?

    God Corrupts

  • We all know that god is powerful.
  • If god is powerless would you worship god?
  • A powerless god is contradiction in terms.
  • So when you worship god you are worshipping power.
  • Power Corrupts. Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.
  • Since God=Power, God Corrupts, Absolute God Corrupts Absolutely.

    Who created God B?

  • If you say that something as complex as the universe can't come into existence on its own, therefore there must be a god who created it.
  • Then by your own argument something that can create a universe can't come into existence on it's own, therefore there must be a God B who created God (A).
  • Who created God B? God C.
  • Who created God C? God D.
  • Who created God D? ... ... ... ... ...
  • If god can come into existence on its own, why couldn't something as powerful as the universe come into existence on its own?
  • If god has existed forever, why couldn't the universe have existed forever?

    Zero created everything

  • At first there was this zero. Zero=nothing. "Nothing" requires nothing and no one to create it and could have existed forever.
  • Now this zero split spontaneously into
    1. one and minus one
    2. Matter and anti matter
    3. Time and neg time
    4. Space and negative space
    5. Universe and negative universe
    6. energy and negative energy
  • Now if you say zero requires someone to split it then you will be back to the question of who created that someone. So the only option left is that zero split spontaneously for and by reasons unknown.
  • It is not just a matter of terminology. Zero is not a god. Zero requires no admiration or worship. While it is obvious that zero requires nothing and no one to create it, it is dubious that a "master of the universe or god" required no one to create it.

    End of Childhood

  • Religion is something like father to a child.
  • Just as children fight each other over whose father is bigger, stronger better etc, mankind fights over whose religion is better.
  • Just as a child runs crying to father when it is in distress, mankind runs to religion or religious heads to solve its troubles when in distress.
  • Just as a child is disciplined by its parents, mankind was disciplined by religion till now.
  • Mankind is coming out of childhood and learning to stand on its own feet.
  • Just as an adult solves his own troubles without running to his/her parents mankind will start solving its own troubles without running to religion/god.

    Is knowledge perishable?

  • More than 75% of all scientists who were ever alive are alive today.
  • More than 75% of all knowledge, all discoveries and inventions were made in the last 50 years.
  • Is it not a fallacy to think that our ancestors knew more than us, were wiser than us, lived better than us?
  • Is it not true that our descendants will know a million things that we will never even dream of? Do you believe that our descendants will know less than what we know? Is knowledge perishable? Will our descendants will be less wiser and more foolish than us? Is civilization regressive or progressive?
  • So, if our descendants will know more and be more wiser than we are and live much better off than us, then is it not also true that we know more and are more wiser and live infinitely better than our ancestors?
  • So, if our ancestors knew much less than us; were less wiser than us, doesn't it also mean that dead prophets knew much lesser than us; were less wiser than us and their dictats become more and more meaningless as knowledge keeps growing and conditions keep changing?

    What are holy books?

  • Aren't holy books called holy because they have a lot of holes in them? Of course people who follow these books will never be able to see these holes because all our so called reasoning is to find arguments to go on believing as we already do.
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