How 911 benefited India and the East. A world without borders. The last shameful apartheid of mankind: passports and visas.


Any open system flourishes. Any closed system perishes. The earth is a flourishing planet because it receives energy from outside, the SUN. How long will earth survive if it refused the incoming sun's light?

Any country that faces emigration falls into a negative spiral. Loss of creative people who are the most likely to emigrate. Loss of such people will create loss of industries and business that they would have started had they not left. Loss of jobs because the people emigrating did not start companies that they would have had they not emigrated. This in turn causes more economic recession. This in turn causes more people to emigrate, thus continuing the vicious negative spiral.

Any country that faces immigration rises in a positive spiral. Gain of creative people who are the most likely to immigrate. Gain of such people will create new industries (like Google, Yahoo, Youtube, Intel were all created by immigrants). Creation of such industries will create more jobs. This will lead to economic uplift. This will attract more people from other countries to immigrate, continuing the positive spiral.

For the past five centuries, the west, Europe and America have benefited from attracting the brightest and the best of the rest of the world. A constant brain drain from the rest of the world much to the benefit of the west. All that is changing after 911.

Sad as the events of 911 was, it was one of the best things that could have happened to India, China, the East and the South. Because it has triggered the xenophobia of people in the west and they have started closing their minds and borders to immigration from the rest of the world. This has started a negative spiral for the west and a positive spiral for the rest. Public sentiment in the west against immigration has prevented many people from India and China from immigrating to the west, thus increasing the wealth of India and China by preventing brain drain.

This trend started even before 911. When I was a student I, as many educated Indians dreamed of migrating to US (It is still my second favorite country after India). But as is usual with me I started to research both the US and India. I looked up Indian and US Laws and found a strange thing. India was becoming capitalistic (more people wanted less government support), while US was becoming communistic (more people wanted more government support). So I decided to stay put in India. And this was long before 911. I guess it is a cycle, after so many decades people get fed up with socialism and want capitalism, and after a few more decades they get fed up with capitalism and want socialism. India is now entering the capitalistic part of the cycle and as a capitalist I decided my bets were better in India.

(to be continued)

Current public sentiment against immigration in the west.

This a commentary on current affairs. As I am writing this a boat load of Sri Lankan Tamils have landed in Canada. Though the Canadian authorities are doing the humane thing the public comments on the news story have left me disgusted about the inhumanity of man. I dissect some of the comments on yahoo news here. There were a few sensible comments supporting the refugees but these were drowned in a sea of hate and ignorance.

Comment: Where's genocide when you need it?

This comment hardly needs dissecting. Anyone with half a brain will not support genocide no matter what the cause let alone call for it.

Comment: These "people" are invaders. They only want to plunder and abuse. Load them back on the boat and push them back out to sea. These are not people - they/it is a virus spreading over the planet - they/it bring crime and abuse wherever they go.

You mean like the Europeans invaded America and wiped out 250 million natives? Did America improve after the invasion of the Europeans? I assume you will say yes it did. So even if we concede that this is an invasion (those people are not armed are they?), wouldn't it be likely that North America will improve with their addition?

Comment: It is sad to see human beings being treated almost like cattle, but countries must protect their citizens and cannot open the doors to anyone who shows up. This case proves how important it is to protect American culture and not allow a flooding of emmigrants into out nation....oh, that's happened hasn't it and no one wants to do anything about it, especially our President who is an emmigrant himself.
Comment: Pretty soon we'll have to close the Canadian border

Whereever we are in this world, we are all immigrants from Central Africa. Its hypocritical of immigrants to comment against immigration. Go ahead close your doors, your borders, your minds, your loss is our gain.

Comment: the Canadian Immigration office has to be fumigated from the CURRY STENCH.

This is a disgusting and racist comment.

Comment: Why sail all the way and not Indian Tamil is their home territory....

For every ship of Tamils, Canada or the west gets, India gets a 100 or more, but do you hear us complaining of immigrants?


This is a rant against jails in general that I reserve for another day. Jails should be reserved only for violent people and not for petty offenders. But the ordinary people of America have not got this yet. This is another reason that I didn't migrate to America. They have become a witch hunting country. Jails are the universal carpets under which anyone who makes a mistake is brushed under. An efficient police force is indicative of a police state (And a two party state is not much better than a one party dictatorship). Jails cost billions of dollars per YEAR per state and you want to jail even more non violent offenders (which they are not yet). Duh? Read this analysis of crime and punishment.

Comment: Tread lightly, Canada. Seems a bit suspicious that they were all well clothed, fed, etc. And why ssooo many men, yet only a few women & children (& the exact # of each). How do you know that they weren't all just transferred from a "cruise" ship a few days ago - & MADE to look like they'd been at see for months? These could be radicals...terrorists (with the children "thrown in" to make it look good). Check up on their stories/backgrounds. If a couple & a child claim to be a family, do DNA testing. If someone claims to have no familial connection with any known terrorist - & that turns out NOT to be true - deny entry. As a matter of fact, deny entry to the whole bunch if even ONE SINGLE LIE is detected. If there ARE legitimate refugees...and they KNOW that ALL will be turned away if a lie is detected...maybe they will start ratting out the bad seeds.

This was the same paranoia that sucked America into the quicksand of war. Go ahead get paranoid, close your borders. And here I thought I had too much paranoia from too much thinking.

Comment: The LTTE terrorists have landed in CANADA! Take care of them you people! They ruined the lives of the people of Sri lanka for 30 years. They killed over 100,000 innocent people in Sri Lanka. There will be more to come soon.. Never knew that Canada was a safe heaven for terrorists in the world! Thought only Norway harboured Sri Lankan Tamil terrorists and now yu have taken over! Expect more shiploads to come soon... Open your eyes Canadian Authorities now! before its too late. Get those terrorists back on the ship and save your country!

Sri lankan tamils have lived in India for the past 50 years and they have not caused any trouble. They also do not cause any trouble in Sinhalese majority areas of Sri Lanka. Only the war ravaged north has seen terrorist acts, though it did spill over to India when they assasinated Indian PM Rajiv Gandhi, but that was an isolated incident to get India to remove peace keeping troops from Sri Lanka, which we did remove after that. Curiously LTTE was not named a terrorist organization until after 911.

Comment: I never heard of this group, glad they went to Canada, instead of us, knowing Obama even with unemployment as high as 45%, he would let these people in. Yes, our unemployment is devestating in some areas.
Comment: Send them all down south to the US. They'll find their way down here sooner or later to take advantage of our more generous better welfare payments and food stamps.
Comment: Good example of our goverment is turning againts the people of Canada.We have to support these illigals comming here,and yet we have no money for health care,schools.We have young famillies trying to make ends meet and we are taxed to death. Send that ship back and all others comming.

This is the essence of communistic belief. This is what I meant when I said above that Americans have become communistic in mindset. A communist believes that the pie has to be divided and the less people there are, the bigger piece of pie he will get. A capitalist KNOWS that there is no pie unless he creates it and the more people there are the bigger the pie he can create.

Comment: Hire out the North Koreans, they need some live torpedo practice.
Comment: turn the boat around or sink it (34 people liked this comment as opposed to 3 who voted against)
Comment: Maybe we could have North Korea torpedo the ship!!!!(18 like 4 dislike)
Comment: Why didn't they sink it. The canandian navy hasn't done anything since WW2. Canada's policy of letting any towel head in is the reason why we are stuck with bush's passport requirements.
Comment: Where is the Russian navy when you need it? I remember how well it took care of a few Somali pirates...(18 like 2 dislike)
Comment: A torpedo right under the bridge would fix the problem .
Comment: if islam is so great why are the bearded humanoids coming to Christian countries? The Canadians should sink the boat and set the survivors ablaze.
Comment: maybe a couple of torpedoes would solve the problem.............
Comment: There's a reason God invented torpedoes.....
Comment: don't send them back JUST SINK THE SHIP
Comment: Sink that rat infested tub !!!!! Hats off to Australia - the only ones left with balls !!!!

When will you learn that you should not kill other humans or call for their killing no matter what? When I was a kid I was watching two kittens playing. An adult cat came along and before I could blink it killed one kitten and was about to kill the other when I chased it away. I cried for that kitten and wondered what a sick species a Cat was to kill one of its own kind for no reason at all, as I grew up I realized that mankind was not too much different from cats. You sickos calling for killing (and those who liked it) are a shameful blot on humanity.

Illegal immigration

I have read many essays by many people on the subject of immigration and the overwhelming opposition is to illegal immigration. I dissect some of the arguments here.

Argument: The key word in this question is "illegal." Whether we agree with a particular law or not, the fact that it is a law, should eliminate any hesitance in obeying it.

Have you never heard of an unjust law? Slavery was legal 150 years ago (and slavery is coming back to America in the form of private prisons, so look out). Whereas freeing up slaves was definitely illegal and considered equal to stealing property as slaves were considered property. So should the poeple of that day who participated in manumission activities be criticized or condemned because they were breaking the laws of that time? Tighten up the law and you can term anyone or anything as illegal. The purpose of many laws is to reclassify non-violent ordinary people into outlaws.

Argument: This country and continent rightfully belongs to those of us born here, as well as those who have legally been granted the right of citizenship. It does not belong to those who wish to exploit it for their own personal gain and enjoy our freedom without paying tribute to what we hold dear.

Did the Europeans gain their citizenship legally from the Native Americans? Did you not exploit it for your own personal gain and enjoy your freedom without paying tribute to what they held dear?

Argument: Immigration is not a right, it is a privilege.

Then why not implement immigration controls between states and between cities? Any argument you can make against (legal or illegal) immigration between countries you can also make against immigration between cities or states. The only reason inter state and inter city immigrants are not illegal is because there is no law classifying them as illegal. Is migration between cities a right or a privilege? Of course it is a right and not a privilege. Why? Because there is no law saying that it is not a right. Do you see the circular argument here?

Argument: There are American families in Appalachia today that go to bed hungary every night, have no means of health care or promise for the future, yet they are not out draining the American society of social resources because they feel its "owed" to them.

Tough luck. So you have poor people in your country too, whats the big deal about it? We Indians have millions of more poor, yet we have an open border with Nepal, Tibet, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Burma and Sri lanka. We would have an open border with Pakistan and Bangladesh too were it not for the trauma of partition still lingering in our minds. It seems to me that the more people have the less likely they are willing to share. So you think all the poverty in America is caused by illegal aliens? Would you believe it if we blame all the Nepalis, Tibetans, Burmese, Ceylonese, Afghanis in India to be the cause of Indian poverty? No? Why not? It is always easier to blame others for your own troubles isn't it?

Argument: They are a plague !

Plague? Next you will call them Sub-Human, are you sure you are not a Nazi? You seem to use the same kind of words.

Argument: No one is anti Mexican, Gypsy and other. They are anti criminals. Each person who breaks the law does in the heart know there may be consequences to their action. I'm sorry you believe people should not be penalized for breaking the law.

The key here is, you define the law so that a particular set of people are classified as criminals because of that law and then you accuse them of being criminals. Do you see the circular logic here? Weren't it for the law deeming them to be criminals they wouldn't have been criminals don't you see?

Argument: I wish US do the same with the illegals in this country. France has the gut to do that even though france is much more socialist than the US. Why the US so tolerant to the illegals? deport all the illegals. We need a strong leadership in our country who does not budge by critics like France.

This is great news to the rest of the world. Criminalize immigration and you will strengthen us by plugging the brain drain to the west. I have no sympathy for the Mexicans because the Mexico government criminalizes immigration too. They are in favour of immigration only when mexicans are doing it.

Argument: This goes for EVERYONE ! If you want to come to our country you must be a productive citizen. ( and I do not mean a baby factory.) , come to our country via the legal route and not a hinderence to our society. We already have enough home grown freeloaders. We do not need to add anymore. France is doing the right thing.

Of course you want the geniuses and the producers to come to your country, who would not? There are several problems with the allow ONLY producers to come argument.

  1. The legal route is choked in red tape and the counselars interviewing visa applicants treat the visa applicants like dirt because the immigration laws gives them the power to act like complete asses and anyone with brains will not stand for such ill treatment and will stay back in their country. Thus only idiots will be allowed to immigrate as only they can stand such treatment.
  2. You cant generalize people. The person who will steal a cup of sugar from you one day may risk his life to save you from drowning the next. You can't say ANYONE on this world is useless.
  3. Genius does not show itself until a person ages. Nobody would have predicted Einstein will prove to be a genius when he emigrated to America, even Einstein didn't know it himself. So you cant filter for geniuses, they will only show themselves to be one long after immigration by then they would have been rejected by stupid immigration laws.
Argument:Good show France, now deport all Jews back to Poland where they came from.

This is what all illegal immigration arguments will turn into. Once you give in to hatred, it is the path to the dark side and it will forever dominate you.

Argument: There are millions of Gypsies here in the U.S. and they are a substantial source of non-violent crimes such as home repair scams they like to run on the gulable elderly and poor. They are constantly on the move to try to stay one step ahead of the law. Unfortunately their society is built on a premise something like "it's not my fault if you were stupid (meaning trusting) enoungh to pay me up front for work I promised, but never intened to do". They basicaly have no concept of consicious or morals.

It will mean distinguishing between criminals and noncriminals, between wayward individuals and communities that are simply different. Thats difficult for you isn't it? Better to tar an entire community as a source of crime instead of finding particular members of that community who have commited crimes. Such blanket accusations against gypsies lead to the Nazi holocaust of gypsies where about 1.5 million gypsies were killed by Nazi germany.Read about the Gypsy holocaust Read about racism against Gypsies Read and understand, don't just tar what you do not understand. What is hated and tarred is massacred - Szczurowa massacre. "They are constantly on the move to try to stay one step ahead of the law." They are not constantly on the move to dodge the law, they are constantly on the move therefore the law is after them. You can't understand the nomadic culture so you project your own prejudices into the movite for their movement.

Argument: Africa will always be filled with africans, India with indians, china with chinese. But the western nations will be lost, overrun by the billion fold of minorities (majority in a global sense) who want a better life. India gives birth to the population of Sweden everyday. Just one days population growth of india can wipe out the swedish population if sweden let them in. get the picture. Western civilization through its own good will and high standards of living will , within 100 years, no longer exist.

"through its own good will" what good will, your post doesn't sound like good will to me. "Africa will always be filled with africans" Africa is the MOST diverse geographical entity in the world much more than the west. "India with indians" India is the SECOND most diverse geographical entity in the world right after Africa, yet you think Africa and India to be homogenous, doesn't this show your ignorance of facts or what? Go ahead close your borders and strengthen us. "within 100 years, no longer exist." that would be a pity but your post is what strengthens the negative spiral.

Argument (talking about gypsies in france): This is a group of people that don't want to integrate themselves into any society. That is THEIR culture, not European culture.

Do you want people to be robots? Everyone looking the same, doing the same, wearing the same. Do you think your culture is the better than every other culture, that they have to renounce their culture and ape yours? What is this thing about integration? Calling for cultural purity sounds like Nazis calling for racial purity.

Argument: around the year 1500 the kingdom of spain rounded up muslims and jews and gave them 24 hours to get out of spain with what they could carry. gold, silver was nice to carry. needles to say, after the deportation of muslims and jews, spain became a superpower of europe withing 100 years. we need to expell all these undesirables from the usa. by the way, muslims and jews had been living in spain for a long time.

What super power? Spain spent the next century looting the New World. After they had stolen everything they could from the New World spain became a non entity in world affairs to this day. Maybe if they had not resorted to inquisition and expulsion, Spanish would have been the world language today instead of English. Do you see how spain seriously weakened itself by ethnic cleansing?

Argument: The Roma and the Jews are a diseased people, there is a reason that Hitler wanted to kill these people.

Diseased! Criminals! these are the two hot words used to drum up support for anti immigration policies. The number of international tourists to US in 2007 ALONE was 56 million people. The total estimated number of illegal immigrants in US is 11,555,000. The annual increase is 515,000. Tourists are more likely to carry diseases as they eat at restaurants, visit crowded places, handle more cash, visit places of the world where diseases are higher etc. Since the number of tourists to (new) immigrants is 100 to 1, the tourists are 100 times more likely to infect USA, Yet I don't see anyone in the world objecting to tourism, as it brings in the moolah.

(to be continued)
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