The Importance of Muslims/Multiculturalism to this world.

The attrocities by muslim extremists have been increasing over the past few decades that the entire Muslim population of this world have suddenly become the villains. Everyone including me have started uttering anti-Islamic denunciation, but we should guard ourselves against letting our shrill invectives against Islam turn into genocide. In this essay I attempt to mitigate my anti Islamic shouting (which is important to say the least) with reasons on why muslims are important to your country and this world. The purpose of this essay is to show you how different countries have suffered throughout history when they resorted to persecution and how they prospered when they favoured multiculturalism.

Christianity and the dark ages.

First I begin with a showing of hope that the Islam of today will not always be so. In 600 AD on seeing the Christianity of Europe, no one would have believed that they will in the future become the celebrated bragging 'western culture' of today. In the same vein there is every possibility that Islam will reform itself and produce a greater renaissance than the christian renaissance. So the west by expelling the muslims is most unlikely to reap the rewards of this renaissance, also by reviving Christianity in the name of defending the west from Islam they are likely to descend into another dark ages that is intrinsic to monotheistic religions.

Countries that lost by persecution.

Hitler and the nuclear bomb

The most obvious example of the defeat as a result of persecution is Hitler, who as a result of his persecution of Jews did not get their help in making an nuclear bomb. Maybe if he had not persecuted the jews after he came to power he would have had the nuclear bomb before the Americans did and he would not have lost the war.

Greek Fire

(Quoted from the book - The sun shines bright, by Isaac Asimov)

The Greek Fire is an incendiary bomb that when fired at a ship and landed on the sea near the ship, instead of being extinguished by the water instead burns even more fiercely and holes the (wooden) ships at the water line.

The inventor of the greek fire is supposed to have been one Callinicus who fled Islamic persecution from egypt to Constantinople.

By 699 the triumphant Arabs, all aglow with the brand-new faith of Islam, had overrun Asia minor and were just across the narrow strait from Constantinople. If the Arab fleet had overcome the sea defences of Constantinople the city would have fallen with it and they would have found nothing in the moribund Europe of the dark ages to stop them and just as Iran, Iraq, Syria and Egypt were being permanently converted to Islam, Europe would also have been converted to Islam. Except that constantinople had Greek fire. In 672 it was used for the first time, the Arab ships burned, the Arabs panicked and Constantinople was saved. When the Arabs returned to the Assault in 717, their ships were again repelled by Greek fire and Constantinople was again saved. You can see from this example that Islam was defeated by its own attitude of persecution and lost again and again to a single person who fled from its menace.

Islamic Countries

The Islamic countries of today are the best examples of what happens to a country when it resorts to persecution. Minorities in Islamic countries are harrassed and harrassed to either leave or become muslims and the result is there for all to see. Islamic countries score at the bottom of every development index, including moral, ethical and humanitarian goals. Without oil they would be at the bottom of the wealth ladder too. These countries are the dredges of humanity, they are cesspools of intolerance, foment and murder. These countries are in the drainage and stink worse than sewage. And what is astounding is the fact that muslims outside the islamic countries hold as a goal to make their host country into becoming these sewers and thus take away the very prosperity that allows them such freedom of thinking and action.

(to be continued).

Countries that gained from lack of persecution.


Under this section Exhibit A is India. According to many scholars, India is the most culturally, linguistically and genetically diverse geographical entity after the African continent. While pakistan had to acquire the nuclear bomb from China because it expelled most Hindus, India which did not expel the muslims in return was able to develop the nuclear bomb indigenously with the help of Abdul Kalam, a muslim it did not expel. Now I doubt whether developing the bomb is a great achievement but the point I am making is that it was a person from the minority who helped India to make the bomb. All the countries of the world are a very long way away from the multicultural diversity of India. We have just about every religion of the world here and just about every culture of the world here. India is the only country in the world where Jews have not faced Anti-Semitism.

(to be continued)
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