Islam equals slavery. Muslims are the slaves of muhammad.

This page compares the slavery laws that existed in the 1800s with Islam.

Slavery LawsIslam
A child of a slave shall also be a slave.A child of a muslim shall also be a muslim.
A child between a slave and a non-slave shall also be a slave.A child between a muslim and a non muslim shall also be a muslim.
A slave can't choose to become a non slave. Punishment for trying to escape is lashings and death.A muslim cant choose to be a non muslim. Punishment for trying to leave is lashings and death.
A slave shall bow to his masterA muslim shall bow to the city of his master's birth five times a day and utter his name (muhammad) in idolatory in association with Allah.
A slave shall not marry a non slave.A muslim shall not marry a non muslim.
A slave should help his master to capture escaped slaves and to punish them.A muslim should help muhammad to capture apostates and to punish them.
Slavery means submissionIslam means submission
A slave may not take liberties with his master's wife/wives Muslims may not marry their master mohammad's wives after him
A master may take liberties with slave girls/ wives of slaves Muhammad may take liberties with the follower's wives. "and a believing woman if she gave herself to the Prophet ... -- specially for you, not for the (rest of) believers;" Mohammed even allowed himself to wed his adopted son's wife. (This makes me want to puke).

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