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Roots of Democracy

Sleeping on the floor without a pillow

Scams that you should know about

Never buy diamonds or other gems. Diamonds symbolize war, crime, starving orphans, blood shed, human rights violations and bloody dictators. They are also completely useless bling and have very low resale value. There is a saying in our country, will anyone turn cash into carbon by burning it? Diamonds are nothing but useless carbon (except for industrial use). If you value human life, kill the diamond trade by not buying any diamonds.

Abolish the Patent system - Knowledge should be free, not shackled by monopolies.

Fools Die

For future MLM suckers: Read 'em before you weep.

Hospitalophobia and Allopathophobia (Fear of modern medicines and hospitalization)

About India

The future of copyright

Points to Ponder



War against the pedophile prophet (may sh it be upon his head)

India's Holocaust Museum.

Protect Dharma, only then it will protect you.

Religion and eisms

Christianity and Holocaust