Muslims! SMASH your Islamic Idols - Kaaba, Quran, Muhammad and Mecca. Don't commit shirk. Worship ALLAH ALONE.

The Islamic world has descended into the dark ages because the Muslims the world over commit the worst sin under Islam, shirk. Instead of worshiping ALLAH ALONE, they have associated 4 idols with Allah - Kaaba, Quran, Muhammad and Mecca. The day they SMASH these idols and come back to worshiping ALLAH ALONE is the day the Islamic world will come out of the dark ages. These are the creations of Allah, you should not revere the creations, you must revere only the creator. Muslims love to smash idols except their own. In order to smash an idol you MUST desecrate it in thoughts, words or deeds. Muslims always claim that they do not worship the Kaaba, Muhammad and Mecca. But the only way to prove that something is not your idol is to smash it, denigrate it, desecrate it. There is no other way to disprove worship. To smash the Islamic idols, repeat after me:

Turn away from shirk before its too late. SMASH your idols to remove idolatry. Come back to worshiping ALLAH ALONE. Only then the Islamic renaissance will be unleashed. Allah will again bless the Islamic world for worshiping ALLAH ALONE.

Some Mohammedan idolaters and Quran idolaters say 'if you worship Allah you will RESPECT HIS message book and HIS messenger'. That is exactly what a Hindu will say 'if you worship god you will RESPECT HIS creations, HIS creatures, HIS idols'. Respect is just a cover for idolatry. Only disrespect can remove idolatry. Allah knows whats in your heart you Mohammedan idolaters. I once asked in a forum, "Is Allah all powerful? CAN he send more prophets?" Note: I asked 'CAN he' not 'WILL he' but the vote was 9 to 0 against Allah. No Mohammedan idolater believes in Allah's power to send more prophets. Allah is just a straw god in whose name Mohammad is worshiped. Mohamed is dead, Allah isn't dead is he?

Some Kaaba idolaters and mecca idolaters say Kaaba and mecca unites the Muslims. This is laughable, Muslims are the least united of all people. They are as united as a bunch of cats tied by their tails and hung over the clothes line, always scratching and tearing at each other. The biggest countries of the world are all non-Muslim. The land of the mecca Arabia is divided into a dozen countries. Mecca cannot unite the Muslims, only Allah can, but then Muslims will be the last persons on the planet to believe in the power of Allah.

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