Peer Review and Self Publication of Scientific Theories using trusted time stamping

I am chronic thinker and get a lot of ideas that way. But the possibility of getting these ideas peer reviewed and published in a journal are close to zero because I have lost touch with the university where I got my physics degree.

Then I got this idea of publishing a pre print or eprint at sites like philica and etc but found the doors shut for me there as well. These places are reserved for the accredited people from universities. I couldn't even register as an author.

So I thought and thought about it and found a simple solution.

The trusted time stamping is useful to get an independent proof of the date+time of your idea so we can know who thought up an idea first. The internet is the greatest peer review ground. All ideas are thrashed in a million different ways. It was important for me to communicate my ideas to mankind so that other people more skilled than me can work on it and make it better. If my idea is good it will automatically enter the mainstream in the future after people have thrashed it and corrected the weaknesses in logic. It is important for ideas to be published as soon as possible so others can think on it and refine it and the fastest way to publish is the internet.

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