Some Christians challenge me that "Christianity does not condone “banning of all books other than the bible”". They seem to have not learned history. Here is a list of book burning incidents by Christianity and Islam.

They also challenge "And how the hell have these religions set back the progress of science by 2,000 years?" By burning books and knowledge exactly. Burning of Nalanda university by Islamic invaders set back Indian civilization by 2000 years atleast.

Science and civilization progressed DESPITE these religions not because of them.

Books burned by Christianity

  1. Library of Antioch (by Christian Emperor Jovian)
  2. During the 13th century, the Catholic Church waged a brutal campaign against the Cathars of Languedoc (smaller numbers also lived elsewhere in Europe), culminating in the Albigensian Crusade. Nearly every Cathar text that could be found was destroyed, in an effort to completely extirpate their heretical beliefs; only a few are known to have survived.
  3. Since the Church and Christian states viewed the Talmud as a book hateful and insulting toward Christ and gentiles, subsequent popes were also known to organize public burnings of Jewish books. The most well known of them were Innocent IV (1243–1254), Clement IV (1256–1268), John XXII (1316–1334), Paul IV (1555–1559), Pius V (1566–1572) and Clement VIII (1592–1605).
  4. Wycliffe's books (by Prague archbishop)
  5. Non-Catholic books (by Tomas Torquemada)

(to be continued)

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