The purpose of this cosmos is creation. The purpose of life is creation. So to achieve the purpose of life, CREATE a purpose. There is no readymade purpose for you. You were not created with a purpose in mind. You were created with the freedom to choose your own purpose. You were created to allow yourself the freedom to create further. You have to CREATE a purpose for yourself to achieve fulfilment.

This topic is so important that I thought I should put it in a separate page. I have been asking myself 'what is the purpose of life?' for twenty years and thinking and reading about it before I arrived at this answer. Once I arrived at this answer it satisfied me. I didn't need to ask that question again because now I know if there is to be a purpose it is up to us to create it. We are not robots designed for an existing purpose.

You may ask why create a purpose? You don't have to. But having a purpose is important because a life without purpose is like a ship that just drifts. A ship (or life) that drifts sooner or later ends up wrecked on the rocks.

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